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Tel. +7 495 785 86 05 (general enquiries), +7 495 785 86 25 (consular enquiries)

Services and fees

Created: 2019.12.06 / Updated: 2020.11.27 14:28

Please note that the fees at the Embassy shall change since 1 December 2020.

The fees at the Embassy can only be paid by a bank card (except “Мир”).

Personal identity documents
Repatriation certificate

EUR 20

(as from 1 December 2020 – EUR 25)
Passport / Personal Identity card EUR 100
Passport or Personal Identity card (children below the age of 18 years, old-age pensioners) EUR 50
Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania
Processing of documents for Lithuanian citizenship

EUR 50

(as from 1 December 2020 – EUR 100)
Certificate on the right to reinstate Lithuanian citizenship / Lithuanian descent

EUR 25

(as from 1 December 2020 – EUR 60)
Renunciation of Lithuanian citizenship

EUR 60

(as from 1 December 2020 – EUR 100)
Notarial acts
Attestation of a transaction (power of attorney, statement, will, etc.)

EUR 30

(as from 1 December 2020 – EUR 50)
Drafting and attestation of a legal document (power of attorney, statement, will, etc.)

EUR 50+30

(as from 1 December 2020 – EUR 100)
Authentication of copies and extracts of documents (per page) EUR 10
Authentication of signature on a document EUR 10
Schengen visa EUR 80
Schengen visa (children from the age of 6 years and below the age of 12 years) EUR 40
Schengen visa (citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine) EUR 35
National visa EUR 120
Other consular activities
Issuance of a consular certificate EUR 30
Issuance of an extract of civil status records (the fee is not charged for persons who applies for an extract of civil status records for the first time) EUR 5
Processing of documents for amendments, corrections, additions into records of acts of civil status, reinstatement and annulment of records of acts of civil status, as well as entering of acts of civil status registered or authenticated by authorities of foreign states EUR 0 (as from 1 December 2020 – EUR 30)
Issuance of an extract confirming the record of birth, marriage, divorce, death EUR 5
Request of documents from the institutions of the Republic of Lithuania EUR 20
Legalization of documents / Lithuanian Apostille seal (per document) EUR 20